We all know container weights have a significant impact on safety. But besides fines and fees for overloads, it’s essential to understand the additional business benefits of more accurately measuring container weights.

As the previous owner of a scrap company, I faced this challenge on the daily. Was I picking up overloaded containers? Were my drivers picking up unloaded containers? What problems was this causing my business, and what was the financial impact?

After many years of trying to determine the best solution, I realized that live container weights were the key to making my business thrive.

Here are my top 3 reasons you should know the live weight of your containers too:

  1. Eliminate dangerous loads

    Often, the most significant and apparent benefit of knowing the live weight of a container is to minimize an overloaded container on the road and therefore reduce fines and fees. No business wants to spend profits paying fines, at least no business I know! There is also the danger of lawsuits should something happen on the road. It’s best to avoid these issues altogether – and the easiest way to prevent them is to know the precise weight of a container before it’s picked up.

  2. Lower Freight Costs per Ton

    Since most scrap dealers absorb the freight costs when servicing customers, having the correct weight in the container increases profitability when you buy, transport, process, and then sell your finished product. It sounds simple, but this practice can be highly beneficial financially.

  3. Improve customer satisfaction

    Avoid calling your customer to unload and reload their container because of overloads. Everyone wins when your customers don’t feel hassled and find it easy to do business with you. Happy customers. Satisfied workers.

While there are many solutions in the market today to weigh containers, the weight measurements must be tied to key business insights and objectives to positively impact the bottom line. Know how empty or full your containers are at all times. It’s just good business.

Jay Brenner | Co-founder and President | Scalable Systems Group